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Cynthia and Gary Kinman's landscape design school and landscape school featuring the landmark landscape architecture, landscape sales, landscape marketing and landscape construction class, Focus on Design/Build Professionalism (DBP), is offered regularly in Columbus, Ohio. Hundreds of landscape design- build professionals have come to Columbus for landscape design training to learn first-hand from Gary, transforming their businesses in the process.

Gary Kinman teaching classThis two-day landscape design course covers the topics of Architecture, History, Design, Presentation techniques, Marketing and Psychology as they are integrated with the unique Kinman Process - the time tested, proven method that ultimately assures client satisfaction.

In 2007, Gary set about streamlining and refining the course, changing the name from "Focus on Professionalism" to "Focus on Design/Build Professionalism." He also changed the anagram from "FOP" to "DBP" to avoid confusion with a certain police organization. The name change and course refinements mean the same information in a more concise and cohesive workshop setting!

Be prepared to receive a wealth of information from Cynthia and Gary's combined 50+ years of experience. This program is presented with an enjoyably interactive, common sense approach, designed to give you solutions you will use immediately your first day back.

In addition, participants will tour the Kinman Studio in Dublin, Ohio, and use role-playing exercises with Kinman resources to practice these newly learned tools and techniques. You will experience first hand the empowering and liberating effects that result for both the client and the design build professional.

The wealth of knowledge learned in this landscape architecture class will empower the landscape professional to transform his/her personal landscape business. This premier landscape design training is only offered by the Kinman Institute

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