Published History

Gary Kinman's publishing and speaking experinece dates back to 1985. Here is a complete listing. (Please return to the main Articles page for links to current publications.)

Lectures and Seminars: 
  • 1988 Ask the Experts Panel”, National Landscape Associates Conference, Louisville, KY
  • 1989 “Award Winning Design Build, an inside look”, National Landscape AssociationConference, Louisville, KY
  • 1993 “The Landscape of Columbus”, Columbus Garden Association
  • 1994 “How to Create Award Winning Design Build Projects”, G.I.E./A.L.C.A. St. Louis, Missouri
  • 1995 “Ask the Experts Panel”, G.I.E., A.L.C.A., P.G.M.S., P.L.C.C.A., Fort Worth, TX
  • 1995 “Where are we Going? ”, The Ohio State University, Horticulture and LandscapeArchitecture Students
  • 1995“A Change of Destiny”, Green Industry Expo, Fort Worth, Texas
  • 1995 “Design Build Strategies”, F.N.G.A./A.L.C.A, Orlando, Florida
  • 1995 “Changes, Challenges, Choices”, Minnesota Nursery Landscape Association,Minneapolis, MN
  • 1995 “Using Plants in their Place”, Ohio Landscape Association, Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1996 “A Change of Destiny”, New England Growers Conference, Boston, Massachusetts
  • 1996 “How to Create Award Winning Design Build Projects”, Penn State University, P.S.N.A.I.C.
  • 1996 “A Change of Destiny” North Carolina Nurseryman’s Assoc.
  • 1996 “Residential Design Build, A Unique and Fresh Approach”, G.I.E. /A.L.C.A.,Cincinnati, Ohio
  • 1996 National Home and Garden Show, Awards Judge, Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1997“A Closer Look at Our Destiny”, to Columbus State University
  • 1997“A Closer Look at Our Destiny”, Kurtz Brothers client recognition, Cleveland, OH
  • 1997 “Focus on Professionalism”, (Keynote Address), N.J.N.L.A.
  • 1997 “A Day With John Brookes”, The Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, Ohio
  • 1997 "A Day With John Brookes”, Meadowbrook Hall, Pontiac, Michigan
  • 1999 “Believe”, G.I.E., Baltimore, Maryland, A.L.C.A., P.L.C.C.A., P.G.M.S.
  • 2000 “History of the Landscape for a new Millennium”, C.E.N.T.S. /A.P.L.D. Awards Banquet
  • 2001“Organizing your Visual Media”, A.P.L.D. Roundtable C.E.N.T.S.
  • 2001“Open Your Eyes… A Unique Way to Design Build”, A.L.C.A. Design/Build Symposium Atlanta, GA
  • 2001 “A Sane Approach to Landscape Design”, G.I.E., A.L.C.A., Tampa, Florida 2002
  • 2002 “Believe” G.I.E., ALCA, Nashville, Tennessee
  • 2003 “The Value of Values” G.I.E., ALCA, St. Louis Missouri
  • 2006 JASLA Keynote Speaker, "Partnering for Success
  • 2011 ONLA CENTS speaker, "Making Permeable Paving Look 'Gucci'"
    (Transcripts and audio tapes of the proceedings of these events may be available upon request from the sponsoring associations.)

Published Articles About Kinman Associates: 

  • “Spatial Relations: Landscaping Considers all Shapes and Sizes”, Business First Magazine, (4-85)
  • “Designing Outdoor Living Areas”, Columbus Homes and Lifestyles, (1985)
  • “Setting Off the Show House”, Suburban News Publications, (5-85)
  • “Show House Grounds for Appeal”, Suburban News Publications, (5-85)
  • “Best In American Living Awards” (Godfrey Residence), Better Homes & Gardens,(2-86)
  • “Building a Better Brick Driveway”, Columbus Monthly, (5-86)
  • “Best in American Living Award 1988” (Front cover), Professional Builder, (1-89)
  • “Best in American Living Award” (Rahal residence), Better Homes & Gardens, (2-89)
  • “Top 25”, Business First “Top 25” Magazine, (6-/90)
  • “25 Given Landscape Design Awards”, The Columbus Dispatch, (11-91)
  • Guerriero Residence (Front cover), Lawn and Landscape, (12-92)
  • “Small Business”, American Nurseryman, (8-93)
  • Gray Residence (Front Cover), Selecting Perennials, Landscape Management, (11-93)
  • “Local Firm Earns National Landscaping Honors”, Suburban News Publications, (11-93)
  • “Design Build for the High-end Markets”, Landscape Management, (1-94)
  • “Creativity Counts in Creating Beautiful Residential Spaces”, (cover story), Landscape Contractor News, (3-94)
  • “Winning Landscapes” (cover story), Columbus Dispatch (Home and Garden), (9-94)
  • “All Praise Pendimethalin” (Raikes Residence), aerial image used monthly by international company for marketing purposes
  • “Outside and Outstanding - TheFoth Residence," Columbus Dispatch (Home and Garden), (10-95)
  • “Water View”, Columbus Monthly Homes, (Dimon McFerson pool) (cover/inside foldout) (95)
  • “Kinman Plans Presentation”, Columbus Dispatch, (1-96)
  • “Best in American Living Awards”, (Godfrey Residence), Professional Builder, (1-96)
  • “A Formula for Success in Residential Design Build”, ALCA Advantage, (1-97)
  • “A Focus on Landscaping”, American Nurseryman, (4-97)
  • “25 of America’s Great Landscape Companies”, Landscape Management, (8-97)
  • “Description of America’s Top 100 Green Industry Companies”, Landscape Management, (9-97)
  • “Contentment”, Business First Residence, ( 8-29-97)
  • “Yard Shtick”, Columbus Dispatch (Home and Garden cover), ( 3-29-98)
  • “Best in America’s Living Awards”, (Platinum Award, Heron Bay, Buckeye Lake residence), Professional Builder, (1-99)
  • “Best in America’s Living Awards”, (Platinum Award, Heron Bay, Buckeye Lake residence), Better Homes & Gardens, (2-99)
  • “Preventing Erosion”, (candid interviews with several Kinman Associates’ clients from 1988-1999), Columbus Monthly, (10-00)
  • “A Successful Design/Build Company Takes Vision”, Landscape Contractor News, (2-01)
  • "$6.5 Million Residential Landscape Project in Columbus, Ohio" Architectural Digest Magazine (6-05 - scheduled)

Articles by Kinman Institute:

  • Oct 2008 – Design Build Revolution Newsleter (DBR) - This is How We Do It “ Weapons of Mass Instruction”
  • Jan 2009 - “How to lead your business thru “Uncertain” Times
  • Feb 2009 – What you don’t know – you don’t know. Show clients your professions side
  • Feb 2009 Landscape Management Magazine - “Buy my Bushes”!
  • March 2009 Value in Networking – Networking with “True Peers”
  • *April 2009 - Challenge yourself to Design Better- Renewing effects of Travel
  • *April 2009 – DBR - The need to keep fueling enthusiasm for Design Build
  • May 2009 - DBR – New Angel on Pavers
  • *May 2009 DBR – Inspiration is Everywhere- Design Tips
  • June 2009 DBR – Don Cut Back on Training – during tough economic times
  • June 2009 DBR – The Power of Lines, Space, and Form. Manipulating the Eye
  • *Nov 2009 – DBR- Create your Gucci Landscape
  • Nov. 2009 “ Getting paid for Design” Wrap yourself up as VALUABLE!
  • Jan 2010 – DBR_ Strategy for Landscape Design Build in “The New Economy”
  • Feb. 2010 – Landscape Management Magazine – Be the “Valuable “ Contractor.
  • March 2010 – DBR – Will the real “High-End” Landscape Designers Standup ?
  • April 2010 - DBR Set yourself apart from Competitors
  • Nov 2012 – Landscape Management Magazine – “Responding to Cautious Consumers”

Popular Articles written for General Use by Gary Kinman/Edited by Susan Greiner (published by newspapers and magazines 1985 – 1998)

  • “All Angles Considered”, Builder Architect, May 1994
  • “Take Your Decorating Theme Outside for Some Fresh Air”
  • “Don’t Fence Me in Unless you do it in Style”
  • “How to ‘Experience’ Good Landscape Design”
  • “Don’t Let Things Invade your Outdoor Space”
  • “Sizing Up Landscaping Trends – the Shape of Things to Come”
  • “Watch Now, or Pay Later! Red Flags Signal Faulty Landscape Work”
  • “Landscape as a Healing Art”
  • “Things vs. Place: 15 Ways to Distinguish the Difference”
  • “15 Characteristics of Good Landscape Design”
  • “Elements of Outdoor Decorating”
  • “The Trend Test”
  • “Trivia Guide to Feel-Good Landscapes”
  • “Landscape Design Build – The Best of Both Worlds”
  • “The Corporate Oasis Comes to Columbus”
  • “Plan for Today and Tomorrow”
  • “Landscaping More than Planting”
  • “Your Investment will Grow with your Landscape”
  • “Home Sweet Home – Is it Time for a Facelift?”
  • “Have you Hugged your Landscape Designer Today?”, Builder Architect 1994


  • An Inside Look at Design Build, 1989
  • Marketing is Everything/Everything is Marketing, 1994
  • The Process, 1995
  • A Change of Destiny, 1996
  • Limitations are a Result of our Own Disbeliefs, 1999
  • History of the Landscape, 2000



Published Experience

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