Gary Kinman

Gary’s company, Kinman Design Associates, is regarded as one of the top residential design build firms in the country. 

In his 40 year history, Gary Kinman has produced some of the most prestigious residential landscape design build installations in the nation. With the Kinman Institute, and his landmark course Focus on Design/Build Professionalism, Gary is on a mission to “Redefine the Landscape Design Build Industry.” His seminars are designed not only for the working landscape professional, but also starting a landscape business and a landscape architecture career.

Cynthia Kinman

Cynthia joined Kinman Associates in 1999. Having been a student of the "Kinman Philosophies" she is a testimant to its success in the real world application in the landscape design build industry. Her dedication to landscape architect education is extraordinary. 

Cynthia has made considerable contributions to educational landscape through the Kinman Institute. As co-founder she recognized the genious behind Gary's own Design Build success and and has been instrumental in bringing this program to the industry.
She is credited in taking the mystery of "Gary's Art Form" and translating it into a format from which others in the industry can learn.

Previously, Cynthia had eleven years of landscape design build experience in the Michigan market, including the restoration of the Dodge Mansion Rose Garden. She also produced and appeared in weekly gardening segments for local and national TV shows, including a guest appearance with Martha Stewart. She has lectured and taught at School Craft and other community colleges.

Having been transformed by the Kinman Process herself, Cynthia's greatest hope is that this program will be a catalyst in unlocking the potential in all Landscape Design Build professionals, resulting in better projects and happier clients and an educational landscape for landscape architect education..

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