About The Kinman Institute

Kinman Institute Mission:
To develop Landscape Design Build Professionals through proven and relevant training and education at our landscape architecture school and the establishment of Accountable Standards and Methods resulting in renewed marketplace value and respect for our Landscape Architecture Design Industry.

Kinman Institute Vision:
It is our quest to elevate the Landscape Design Build Industry to its full potential by advocating the accountable integrity provided by industry-wide standards and methods.

We believe Landscape Design Build professionals must continually strive to improve themselves, becoming responsible for how their work relates to architecture, the environment and our industry as a whole.

By adhering to standards and methods, Landscape Design Build Professionals will increase consumer confidence and opinion of themselves as well as the whole industry. Standards will result in the production of a finer project for the client which ultimately creates greater value for our industry's services and skills.

The Institute's purpose is not to supercede any state or national organization's goals and objectives but rather to supplement and encourage those organizations to take advantage of the Industry Standards the Institute promotes.

We encourage each Institute participant, no matter their background, to also lend their ideas, comments and suggestions so that we might improve. Please use our guestbook to make your comments known.

The Kinman Institute is a landscape architecture school dedicated to elevating the education of landscape design build professionals.


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