The Kinman Process

Based on nearly 30 years experience in the landscape design-build industry and sound marketing principles, the Kinman Process™ is the basis of Focus on Design-Build Professionalism, Gary Kinman's signature course.

What the Kinman Process IS What the Kinman Process IS NOT
A permanent change and way of life
"Flavor of the month"
Recognizes everyone's creative ability
Creativity for "the chosen few"
Finding/defining new problems and opportunities;
implementing working solutions
Excessive "brainstorming"
Experiential learning with on-the-job training
Theoretical concepts and abstract lectures
Simple, crystal-clear language
Complex jargon and catch-phrases
Interconnected system of process, tools and skills
Disconnected tools and techniques
Bottom-line results with ownership, commitment and motivation
"Warm and fuzzy" feelings
Researched-based system of applied creativity
Unproven, untested techniques
A flexible process that can be adapted to any circumstance
Rigid rules and procedures
It's up to you!
It's up to the experts!


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The Kinman Process™

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